I’m Maryanne, and I run Earths Geode with my daughter, Alessia.

We’ve both been drawn to crystals for a long time, now. At first, we loved them for their colours and shine. Then, we noticed that the sparkling clusters had an impact that transcended their beauty. These were powerful products of the earth, with a strength beyond their pretty colours.

I embarked on a journey to learn more about crystals and other semi-precious stones, with Alessia by my side as faithful apprentice! I’ve now studied the historical use, properties and functions of crystals extensively, and been privileged to take on the role of educator, sharing my insights with friends, family and others in the community. As a student of holistic wellness and meditation, I’m also happy to offer advice on how to incorporate crystals into the pursuit of health, happiness and harmony in your everyday life. Whether it’s a pendant set with rose quartz to summon love from all around, or a piece of black tourmaline in your pocket to protect and support you on a difficult day, the possibilities in the earth abound.

Earths Geode is a natural progression of my journey, giving me a platform to share my knowledge and help others uncover the healing, cleansing and transformative capacities of crystals. Earths Geode is also a medium for crystals to find their owners and for owners to connect to the stones that call to them. Alessia have I have found so much joy and comfort in our exploration of crystals, we’d love you to join us, opening your heart and mind to the magic of these gifts from the Earth!

With gratitude