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XL Green Fluorite Rough
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Green Aventurine: The luckiest of all crystals. Its said that if you keep one in a green bag with a four leaf clover, will bring you good luck! It is also said that if you place 3 Green Aventurine crystals in a dish in front of a garden gnome in your front garden, to attract good luck to your home. It is also good for prosperity and abundance. Plants also love Green Aventurine. Place one in the pot of your indoor plants and they will love you for it.
Rose Quartz: The stone love and happiness. Rose Quartz attracts love, comfort, relieves grief. It is soothing and brings harmony. Rose Quartz is a great crystal to have bedside, not only for adults but also children, assists with nightmares, night terrors and those afraid of the dark. It promotes beautiful dreams.